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The Patrol Division is made up of three Divisions that are under the command of a Watch Commander.

The Watch Commanders for the shifts are:

  • First Watch –
  • Second Watch –
  • Third Watch –

The Watch Commanders are responsible for the supervision of the Watch, including the patrol sergeants and officers assigned to their shift. If you have a particular problem or issue please feel free to contact one of the Watch Commanders via  e-mail. Simply click on their name. Please choose the Watch Commander based on the time when the problem or issue seems to be more prevalent. The watches go as follows: First Watch 0000-0800, Second Watch 0800-1600 hours and Third Watch 1600-0000 hours.

The Chief of Police has assigned three Command Staff Officers to take area responsibility for one-third of the city to ensure that matters brought to our attention are resolved to the satisfaction of those that we serve.

Feel free to contact the Area Commander responsible for your location as follows:

  • East –
  • West –

Patrol is the backbone of the Peabody Police Department. Patrol Officers are assigned to certain areas of the city and answer calls for service and patrol within the assigned area. Officers are also encouraged to interact with the citizens of Peabody and help with any qaulity of life issues that arise. Many Patrol Officers also have other assigned duties and tasks that they perform for the Department.

All full time Officers have successfully completed a six month Massachusetts Police Training Coucil academy. Peabody Officers attend an academy located in either Lowell, Quincy, Weymouth or North Reading.Various aspects of Law Enforcement are covered in detail during the time spent as the academy.