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Telephone – 978-538-6338

Procedure of Application: License To Carry / F.I.D. Cards

All first time applicants must complete a Basic Firearms Safety Course that is approved by the Massachusetts State Police, or shall have completed a Hunters Safety Course that is approved by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. No class is required for the issuance of an F.l.D. Card Class D.
The Peabody Police Department will do ALL record checks.
All applicants must provide two proofs of residency; Mass Drivers License, State
Identification, Motor Vehicle Registration, Utility Bills, Voter Registration Card.
All applicants are required to fill out the standardized Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearms License Application.
Payment accepted for Firearm Licenses shall be made by Money Order or Personal Check – payable to the City of Peabody.
Fees are as follows:

L.T.C. Class A – $100.00

F.I.D. Class C- $100.00 {$25.00 under eighteen)

F.l.D. Card Class D – $25.00 (Card Required for 15 – 18 Years of Age)

Law Enforcement Officials (Including Retirees) $25.00 (Class A and C) Renewals for applicants over the age of 70 shall be at no charge (Class A and C)

All applicants must follow these instructions carefully. No L.T.C. gun permits or F.I.D. cards will be issued by the Peabody Police Department unless all the information submitted is found to be accurate, and all documents have been provided.


Licensing Hours

License to Carry gun permits and Firearms Identification Cards will be issued by appointment only.

Information and application packets are available in the lobby of the police station or via the attachment link above.

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