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Park Smart


As another impending potential weather related event approaches for Sunday/Monday, Peabody Police Chief Thomas Griffin, urges residents to plan ahead and have appropriate vehicle parking in place. “When the Director of Public Services declares the Emergency Parking Ban in effect, all vehicles must be removed from public roadways”, said Griffin. “During Friday’s Blizzard, I’d like to thank residents for assisting to keep the roadways clear for public works. We had great cooperation. However, there were instances that required citations to be issued and/or vehicles towed. It’s unfortunate when we have to tow any vehicle, but if it’s impeding snow removal operations, or public safety, the vehicle will be removed.”, said Griffin. Getting towed or having a citation issued due to improper parking carries a monetary burden for the vehicle owner, as well as an inconvenience for both public safety officials and the registered owner of the vehicle. Typically, motor vehicle crashes rise during these events increasing the demand for Police emergency responses and the need for tow operators. “Although we have extra staffing on hand during these events, it becomes a very challenging environment for the Patrol Officers to maintain the call volume. If we have cooperation and the roadways are clear it’s safer for everybody”, said Griffin. Another snow removal related issue that is reported quite frequently is inappropriate dumping. Please be courteous to your neighbors and be aware of property lines. Throwing snow in the street or plowing into the roadway is illegal and it creates a hazardous condition for pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Also, parking on sidewalks is strictly prohibited creating an extreme hazard for pedestrians.

The City of Peabody has an informational campaign in place to notify visitors and residents when an Emergency Parking Ban is in effect. Flashing blue lights are activated at several strategic roadway locations throughout the city to alert motorists of the restrictions; signage is also placed at these locations with instructions to tune your radio to AM1640 to hear a continuous public safety message indicating the immediate notification.

To receive personal notifications via email, or text messaging, visit Plan ahead and “Park Smart”

Peabody Police 6 ALLEN’S LANE PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS 01960 THOMAS M. GRIFFIN CHIEF OF POLICE (978)-538-6308 E-mail: Website: Fax: (978) 538-6335

Peabody Press Release – Park Smart

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The 2017 Parking stickers are now on sale and available for purchase Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30am-4:00pm at


Peabody Police DepartmentParking permit
Traffic Division
6 Allens Lane
Peabody, Ma. 01960

Qualified applicants may purchase stickers for $100

All 2017 Parking stickers will be valid till December 31st , 2017.

LICENSE and REGISTRATION must be shown when purchasing stickers. Also please have a letter from employer verifying your employment at their business and/or employer contact information.

There will be NO mail order sales. The parking spaces are limited and will be sold on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Stickers can only be used in designated marked spaces in the following downtown parking lots:  CENTRAL STREET, FOSTER STREET, MILL STREET AND NICHOLS LANE.

For questions, please contact Parking Clerk at (978) 538-6312.





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Here are 3 steps to combat cyber attacks


Recently at least 70 million  Target customers had their personal information compromised by a data breach at the well known department store. Cyber attacks are real and becoming more frequent in this day and age. The average citizen must be more vigilant and protective with their personal information now more than ever.  Here are three important steps from the Peabody Patch that can be taken  towards protecting your identity and your personal data.               cyber security


1) Prevent: In many cases, like that of the thousands of veterans who may have had personal details published earlier this week due to an unfortunate “defect” on a website run by the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, there’s not much that the victims could have done to prevent a security breach. However, hackers come in all sizes, so be sure to create secure passwords as your first line of defense.

2) Identify: A person can go crazy wondering if their personal information has been compromised online. Somewhat ironically, there’s a website that can help with that. can check your email address and let you know if it’s been associated with any services that have been compromised. It’s a great place to start. Go here for a list of other signs suggesting you’ve been hacked.

3) Act: If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having been hacked, don’t waste any time in acting.  After being hacked himself, Wired writer Mat Honon explains what to do in the situation. Honon’s list of steps reads: “Ask Yourself Why”; “Reset Your Passwords”; “Update and Scan”; “Take Back Your Account”; “Check for Backdoors”; “Follow the Money”; “Perform a Security Audit on All Your Affected Accounts”; “De-Authorize All Those Apps”; “Lockdown Your Credit’; “Speak Out.” It may seem arduous, but it’s probably much easier than having your identity and/or the contents of your bank account stolen. Go here for Honon’s in-depth instructions.

To read the full article on Cyber Insecurity: What you need to know go to Peabody Patch.

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