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Sending Crime Tips

Submitting Crime Tips or Information to the Police

There are a number of ways to send crime tips into the Peabody Police department.  Tips can be sent about anything suspicious, or nuisance and criminal activity.

Online from your computer

If you have a crime tip or issue now or in the future you can use this anonymous and secure web form to send it in.  There are a number of topics to choose from. Examples: Drugs, Speeding, Schools, Neighborhood Concerns, etc..

The web form is available from our website, facebook page, and this direct link –

iPhone or Android phone or tablet

The same exact topics are available to you quickly from your smartphone.  Just download our police app, called My Police Department aka MyPD.  Once you choose our agency you click “Submit a Tip” and choose your topic.  You can also add a photo or GPS to the tip if you wish.

Search MyPD in your app store

How our crime tips work

crime-tips-MyPD (1)We use a 3rd party to handle the tip submissions.  This lets you send things anonymously and securely.  The data is secured through standard SSL from the app and web and since we don’t directly control either of them (logs, servers, etc) we do not receive your IP address or related information.  However you can share your information with us, which is good for us if we have follow up questions or you want us to know who is sending in the information.  It is up to you what to share with us.

It does help us if you can include as much information as possible.  The form is really quick and simple to use which is easy for you but please include details that help us understand exactly what we should know.  The who, what, when, where, and why of the issue.









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