Officer Directory

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Police StationGeneral Non-emergency978-538-6300

Chief of Police

Thomas Griffin


Administration and Investigations

Deputy Chief Martin Cohan


Confidential Assistant to the Chief 

Joanne Fitzgerald


Crime Prevention

Officer John Nelson


Records Division

Sgt. Shelia McDaid


Criminal investigations Division

Lt. William Cook




Special Services

Lt. Scott Richards


Animal Control Officer

Lilian Pinto


Narcotics Unit

Detective Eric Ricci


Detective David B. Murphy


Detective Stephanie Lane


Court Prosecutor

Captain Dennis Bonauito

978-532-3100 x351

Firearms Licensing

Detective Michael Crane


Public Information Officers

Detective Michael Crane


Captain Dennis Bonaiuto

978-532-3100 ext. 351

Financial Assistant to the Chief

Nancy Delaney

Training / Research & Development

Lt. Richard Callahan


Sgt. Rich Girolimon



Personnel Voicemail Phone Directory

To leave a voicemail phone message for Police Personnel, dial (978) 538-6300 and dial the correct extension from the list below when prompted to do so.

Rank/Position First Name Last Name Extension
Deputy Chief Martin Cohan 6325
Captain Joseph Berardino 6315
Captain Dennis Bonaiuto 6329
Captain John DeRosa 6367
Lieutenant Richard Callahan 6337
Lieutnant William Cook 1418
Lieutenant Scott Richards 6359
Lieutenant Scott Wlasuk 1409
Lieutenant Arthur Yeo 1473
Sergeant David Bonfanti 1406
Sergeant Richard Girolimon 6323
Sergeant Douglas Marcus 6322
Sergeant Timothy Maroney 6311
Sergeant Sheila McDaid 6327
Sergeant Thomas O’Keefe 6320
Sergeant Vincent Patermo 6328
Sergeant Robert Waugh 1500
Sergeant Robert Mahoney 6350
Sergeant Stephen Zampitella 1474
Sergeant Eric Zawacki 1475
Det. Sergeant Glen Fredericks 6314
Detective Robert Church 6360
Detective Joseph Gilroy 6316
Detective Stephanie Lane 6361
Detective David B Murphy 6373
Detective Ralph Scopa 6324
Community Policing John Nelson 6319
Juvenile Officer Mario Alves 6365
Juvenile Officer Manuel Costa 1415
School Safety Officer Richard Cochran 1411
Special Operations Patrick Berardino 1401
Special Operations Joseph Coup 1402
Special Operations Robert Faletra 6352
Special Operations Mark Saia 1448
Special Operations James Thibodeau 1468
Officer Brian Richard 6363
Officer Bruce Bowden 6337
Officer Richard Cameron 1463
Officer Justin Cecil 1499
Officer James Christman 1410
Officer Richard Cochran 1411
Officer Brian Colella 1404
Officer Patrick Conrad 1450
Officer Leo Cunha 1416
Officer James Dickinson 1419
Officer Sean Dowd 1421
Officer Philip Eagan 1422
Officer Michael Eon 1548
Officer Mark Falco 1423
Officer Gerald Fitzgerald 1436
Officer Robert Gallo 1432
Officer Alan Graglia 1437
Officer James Harkins 1456
Officer Nancy Hart 1428
Officer Richard Heath 1478
Officer Daniel Jenkins 1429
Officer Lonny Johnson 1408
Officer James Leclerc 1476
Officer Matthew Mason 1424
Officer David McGovern 1441
Officer Joyce Moulton 1574
Officer David Murphy 1443
Officer Daniel Murphy 1444
Officer Michael Muse 1460
Officer Michael Nary 1403
Officer Brendan O’Brien 1445
Officer Scott Paszkowski 1469
Officer Christopher Pierce 1451
Officer Brian Richard 6363
Officer Richard Rose 1455
Officer Javier Sanchez 1573
Officer Antonio Santos 1457
Officer Alfred Scotina 6326
Officer Matt Stark 6350
Officer Andrew Sweeter 1467
Officer Fred Wojick 1461
Officer Christos Zamakis 1485
Dispatch Supervisor James Dullea 6370
Dispatcher David Brophy
Dispatcher Neil Citroni
Dispatcher Paul Diefenbach
Dispatcher Maria Kambouris
Dispatcher Michael Linehan
Dispatcher Stephen Sabella
Dispatcher Ryan Sauk
Dispatcher Michael Scotina
Dispatcher Timothy Sullivan
Animal Control Officer Lilian Pinto 6340
Chief’s Secretary Joanne Fitzgerald 6306
Media Relations/Dispatch   Nino De La Cruz 6322
Interns Coordinator MariaDetails Billing  Cara AielloLaRiviere 63846310
Parking Clerk Terry Palmisano 6312
Records Clerk Cynthia Davey 6327
Records Clerk Norma Leonard 6353
Records Clerk Clara Papas 1449
Record Clerk Deborah Rizzo 6317